Search Engine Optimization. The Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The final aim when using SEO is to increase both the quantity and quality of your website traffic. This includes not only paid ads but also non-paid (organic) search as well. 

In its essence SEO is mainly about understanding your audience and what they might be searching online. The idea is to know the preferences of your customers, the content in which they are interested, the word or phrases they may write in the search engine. By thinking in the direction of getting all of this information you will be able to connect with the people who are actually searching for your solutions. 

However, knowing your customer base is not enough. In order to maximize your results, you should deliver your messages so that the search engine crawlers can easily understand and find it. 

Basics of the SEO.

To understand the essence and importance of the search engine optimization you should first know how it functions. Generally, it could be said that search engines are answer machines. What they do is to go through enormous numbers of content and combinations and choose the one which is most likely to answer your query. Fantastic, right? With just typing a few word into your search engine this whole process is done in less than a second and you receive your answer fast and effective. If you have good SEO you may even have an increase in your organic search results.

What does it mean organic search result?

Well, this are the search results which are reached not by paid mean but they are rather earned due to effective SEO. These are the organic results which appear due to the relevance of their content to a given query. In order words, if you have optimized your website well using the right keywords which the costumers might be searching you may gain a lot of organic searches. 

What is good about organic searches is not only that they are not paid, but typically they are very concrete. What this means is that usually the audience which has found you due to organic search is more likely to engage with your business. Why? Because they were particularly interested in your type of products and they entered the keyword which described your business. 

Why SEO is important?

If you are using paid advertising on social media or other platforms this is surely a great way to promote your business. However, usually, the majority of website traffic is still generated by search engines.

This is why you should be very careful when you are making your search engine optimization. In addition, once you have set up your SEО correctly you will continue to benefit from it. In contrast, once you stop an advertising campaign that you are running on Facebook, for example, you will automatically stop receiving results. Why does it happen? Well, as we mentioned above good SEO drives not only paid traffic but organic as well. 

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