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Hey! Daniel here – Co-founder and owner of DigitInk. I hope this article finds you well, enjoying the comfort of your place, being safe and sound! Just before starting this, I want to mention that you can feel free to reach out to me on DigitInk . eu if you need a piece of advice concerning your marketing strategy or you want to get a free digital marketing consultation!

Recently, at DigitInk got a lot of questions regarding Facebook Sales funnels. How, Why, What are the benefits, Is it expensive, and many other very interesting questions. Well, in this article, you will find out!

To make it easier for me to write, I will use a client example. Let’s imagine that we need to build a Facebook sales funnel for a Remote Travel Group. I know, most of you will have no idea what Remote Travel Group is. This is why I am giving this example. 

What is a Remote Travel Group?

These companies started popping up 4-5 years ago. What they do is to gather remote workers (people, who work location independent) and go on a trip for 2 weeks, 1 month, 6 months in places such as Puerto Rico, Palma De Mallorca, Bali, etc. Well, I can tell from personal experience that advertising such a business is not an easy job!

(this was just one of DigitInk’s success stories, so if you are curious to check the others, go to our website digitink. eu and find them out!)

How to start?

Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Now start drawing! I am serious, the first and most important step is to draw the architecture of the funnel. Bear in mind that the first step needs to just present something nice to the potential customer. Tell them a story to fall in love with.


Step 1 

Present an interesting content to a potential audience. Do not sell them anything. This step is aiming to get you closer to your audience, not to scare them.

Example: An ad, leading to Blog post/Video of people who are enjoying their glass of wine, watching the sunset in Mexico. Chatting about their common interests, eating very delicious food. No this is not their days off, that’s how they live! (the ad copy should be inspired by the blog content)

Step 2 

Ask them if they want to be part of the beautiful story you showed them yesterday. Again, do not sell them anything, yet. Make them imagine that they already have your product/service and tell them how they would feel.

Example: Ask them if they can imagine having a life like this. Not knowing which day of the week it is, building new and meaningful relationships, spending the workday on the beach with a cocktail in their hands. Do you want this to be your life?

Step 3

Sell! Tell them their dream can come true and you know exactly how. Actually, they know it, too. Make them buy your product/service with attractive copy and stunning design.

Example: Welcome your potential clients to join your family! Tell them all of this can actually become their life and all they need to do is to sign up.

Step 4 

There are people who still didn’t buy, right? Maybe they still do not believe in your product/service? Or they do not think it’s worth it? – Well, test! Create A/B test with different ads in this step and show the content to those who didn’t purchase yet. Version A will present testimonials of happy clients, while Version B will be with 15% Off the price. Let’s see which will convert and take notes!

Example: Tell your audience that this dream is actually possible. Present an interview with people on a trip right now. Make a live video of how Monday Dinners should look like/ tell them this dream can become true and now is their chance to experience it, -15% off the usual price. Make them feel they matter to you.


Technical Setup:

Funnel Step 1: Build a Facebook Campaign and optimize it for traffic. If you don’t know how, you can find out here. Under audiences, go and create an audience, based on your website traffic. You need to choose the people who visited the url of your Step 1 Content. 

Funnel Step 2, 3, 4: For each of the steps you will need to create different campaigns, conversion optimized, where the initial optimization will be Landing page views, and after reaching sufficient amounts of conversions, you can change it to Conversion optimized. Each of those ads should target the people who saw the previous ad’s landing page, so to be 100% relevant.


When it comes to the costs of your funnel, come back to your sheet of paper where you draw the architecture of your Sales Funnel. You need to spend a minimum of 60% of your total ad budget for Step 1, since this is the only step where you will target a cold audience. Rest of the steps could be with 20%, 10%, 10%, for instance. Speaking for the total ad spend in USD, it really depends on the size of your target audience. I would recommend a minimum ad spend of $1500 for audience <300 000 (lifetime budget set up) and for every additional 100 000 people in the audience, you can add $200 of ad spend. Do not forget to always take a look at the frequency. When the ad frequency becomes >2, for step 1, and >3 for the rest of the steps, its time for a new audience!


This approach has 100% Success with the clients we are working with. It is a difficult one, time consuming and definitely not every digital marketer can execute it successfully, but we are here to help! If you have any questions, we have the answers!


Contact us: office@digitink. eu or hello@marketingknowledge. org

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