What Do You Need to Know to Choose the Right Marketing Agency?


If you are a small or medium business owner, sooner or later you have faced the dilemma: Should I hire a Freelancers or an Agency to take care for my digital marketing? 

The truth is that both have advantages and disadvantages. To make your choice easier we have listed the most important features you need to know before coming to your final decision:

Who are the Freelancers?

We have all heard about them but who are they actually? In the general case, Freelancers are already experienced people who have decided to work on their own. Instead of having commitment with a given company they don’t have a boss or a team. Being so, Freelancers have opportunity to choose their own projects and companies to work with. 



Main advantages and disadvantages of the Freelancers

As mentioned above, Freelancers are usually people who have experience. (Hmm, do they really have it?) Mostly, they have worked in a few companies before making the choice to become a Freelancer. Honestly, you can see this only on their resume that could be full of misleading info sometimes…

An advantage when you are working with a Freelancer is that you will definitely cut down the costs. Being completely free, they don’t have any office expenses, employees, different types of taxes, etc. 


They can work from everywhere, too, but these days who can’t? Often they don’t insist on contracts which might be a problem if something in the work process goes wrong. Also they like being independent, meaning that they have no fixed working time and sometimes when you need them they are not there. In addition, sometimes when the work is too much they cannot ask for help, cause they don’t have a team to ask for help.

Last, but not least, most of the Freelancers handle only one-two projects at a time. Why is this and advantage for you? – Well, because your Freelancer will give you all the attention you need. They will be completely focused on you and deep into your business culture and future goals. (and if they actually have the knowledge, they will do a great job, for cheap)


Digital agencies. How do they work? 

When it comes to digital agencies we are all more familiar with their functions. You typically have a given number of people assigned for your project, fixed working time and holidays. Simply hiring an outside firm to handle the processes that you are not experienced with. 

Main Advantages and Disadvantages of the Digital Agencies

Digital agencies should provide with a whole team for your project. This means a lot of creative discussions, brainstorming and again discussions until the best solution is found. Two heads are better than one. You need to be sure you are hiring the best people to work and develop your business. Especially when it comes to your marketing.


Also digital agencies should have clear contract conditions and working schedule. You will know exactly when you can reach them.

On the other hand, they are very expensive, aren’t they? It’s not a secret that a Digital agency can easily charge you $5000+ to run your Facebook and/or Google ads without caring how much does your business profit out of those ads. Let’s be honest – the digital agencies work with a lot of clients at a time. And they don’t care much for your specific business. They have 10 more like you. Their goal is to onboard your business, invoice you a solid initial fees and then… who knows.


At DigitInk we don’t like both the options!

When we founded DigitInk, we got bad experiences with Freelancers and especially with Digital Agencies. Both my co-founder and I were managing big businesses’ digital marketing strategies and we were partnering with a whole lot of agencies. We saw what they do and we cannot accept it.

This is the reason we found our Performance Marketing Team. What is Performance Marketing Team?- well, we simply gathered the advantages of having a freelancer and a digital agency working for your business and excluded the disadvantages. You get the quality service and know-how of a digital agency, combined with lower costs and exclusiveness (we work with no more than 4 clients at a time) of the freelancers.

Sounds too good to be true? Check it for yourself – office@digitink. eu

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